Sam Villa Light Professional Hair Dryer Review

Sam Villa Light Professional Hair Dryer Review

Sam Villa has parlayed his career as a stylist and salon owner to create a hair dryer that boasts all of the attributes of a great machine that is recommended by top hair care professionals.

Utilizing his many years of knowledge in the industry, the Sam Villa Light Professional Hair Dryer has everything necessary to perform with the best of the best with optimal results.

Sam Villa Light Salon Professional Ionic Blow Dryer


There’s a reason why this model has been recommended by professionals – it was designed in collaboration with one, and the results are telling. Because of Sam Villa’s intricate knowledge of the industry, his professional hair dryers have been used by stylists worldwide and has become one of the go-to models by salon stylists.

But this model is just as adept in normal homes as well to create a slick and finished hairstyle that looks like the work of a professional.

About The Product

This model boasts a gorgeous design and a built-in tourmaline and ceramic ion generator that has been designed to dramatically reduce frizz and static to give hair a smooth and sleek appearance. With its lightweight design, users have more power to style their hair in a professional manner.

Not to be outdone in only how it performs, how it looks is also important to the Sam Villa model, with its availability in not only standard black, but also a nice metallic purple finish, a limited edition feature that includes the same attachments and accessories as the black version.

Sam Villa Light Salon Professional Ionic Blow Dryer


Made in Italy for use in North America only, this model comes fully loaded and boasts an impressive 1750 watts of power, what truly makes it stand out is the patented Turbo-Compressor Technology that bolsters its power beyond other models that possess even more watts.

In fact, this technology allows this hair dryer to run smoothly and quieter with less drying time.

This model goes beyond solely a quick-drying time, however. It is also adept at reducing frizz and static to create a sleek and smooth finish thanks to its ceramic tourmaline ion generation. There are also 2 fan speeds, 3 heat settings, and a special cool shot blast to lock hair into place once you want to finish the look.

Throw in a diffuser and 2 rotating nozzles and users have everything they need and more to reach their styling preferences.

Sam Villa Light Salon Professional Ionic Blow Dryer


The Sam Villa Light Professional Hair Dryer is one of the lightest hair dryers on the market today, specially designed to reduce muscle strain with its curved grip that provides ultimate comfort.

For cleaning and maintenance purposes, the rear filter can be unlocked for easy access. And the 9-foot cord ensures that you can move freely around the room as you dry and style your hair.

Pros And Cons

Before purchasing the Sam Villa Light Professional Hair Dryer, here are some pros and cons associated with this model that should be noted.


  • lightweight design
  • strong air output to dry hair quickly
  • 3 attachments provided
  • recommended by top professionals


  • hair tends to tangle when blow drying
  • expensive

What Others Say

As one of the most innovative hair dryers on the market today, the Sam Villa rated extremely positively by those that have purchased it in the past. Many have reported that its lightweight design and ergonomic detailing makes it easy to hold for extended lengths of time, resulting in hair that is free of frizz and full of shine.

Even users with thicker and wavy hair report that it has considerably cut down their drying and styling times by as much as half.

One of the most important features to a hair dryer is how much control is possible and with this model, previous buyers report that hair isn’t blown everywhere when using a round brush for styling. The attachments that come with the Sam Villa hair dryer help to focus and intensify the airflow as preferred.

Sam Villa Light Salon Professional Ionic Blow Dryer

And since this model is exceptionally compact, it is easy to handle. For those that travel often, this blow dryer is also portable enough to travel with as it is easy to secure.

It’s not just the performance of the Sam Villa hair dryer that impresses many customers, but also the customer service that accompanies each purchase. According to many users, the professionalism exhibited through the company’s quality control department is second to none, setting them apart from some other top brands.


For the precision, power, and professionalism that you desire, there is no hair dryer more powerful than the Sam Villa Light Professional Hair Dryer. With all of its phenomenal features, users will love its sleek design and its efficiency.

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